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An ambient life simulation driven by the user activity within a Discord server


⚠️ This is the development branch. Check out the master branch for a working release.


D-Zone is a graphical simulation meant to abstractly represent the activity in your Discord server.

This is not meant for any actual monitoring or diagnostics, only an experiment in the abstraction of chatroom data represented via autonomous characters in a scene.

Hopefully the simulation is interesting to watch. You can see the current (uninteresting) client version simulating the discord.io server here: pixelatomy.com/dzone


Under Work


The game engine is an ECS implementation, rendered with PixiJS

Under Work

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your computer, your server, your bot, or anything else as a result of using this package.

Please consider the privacy of the users on your server. D-Zone will allow anyone with the URL (and password, if used) to monitor the chat of anyone in any channel that your bot has permission to see.

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